Arcer Regime is an agile Bladedancer who is said to be "The second coming of Gheleon." He is the father of Giorno Regime and the husband of Rose Regime. He was the only Hunter and sole survivor of Fireteam Lazarus, having the rest of his team killed during a raid on the Vault of Glass. He has a distaste towards the Vex, mostly because they killed his fireteam. After this he was said to help out other guardians, some say it was because his ghost, C-428 reminds him of what his old fireteam has done.

Arcer was created when someone transfered their life in to an Exo. He may be the only Exo besides his wife and son to have a full name. When he was a young guardian, people showed him generosity and helped him out. The outcome of this is what Arcer does now, he goes around helping other guardians. He also not only has Dead Orbit gear, but New Monarchy and FWC gear too. Known as "the second coming of Gheleon", people say he might help in the return of the Iron Lords. His whole fireteam died on a failed raid on the Vault of Glass, leaving only him. He now wanders, finding people to help.