"Nothing is written in stone. Some things, however, are written on nicer paper."

Bowen Reckless was a Guardian of the Last City, a Gunslinger Hunter who became a member of the Conduits of Light. Relatively young at the time of the Raid of the Black Garden at only a decade since his rising, Bowen earned the nickname Reckless for his brazen forays into secured enemy territory to perform reconnaissance, known as one of the most skilled Sparrow riders in the Tower.


Previous LifeEdit


Personality and TraitsEdit


Reckless was far more sociable than the average Gunslinger, enthusiastic in his task as a Guardian to defend the Last City and its people.



Like many Hunters, especially those who specialize in traveling light and fast, Reckless heavily favors hand cannons for his weapons of choice. Though many boast of their rare and unique weapons acquired from deep in enemy strongholds in daring raids, Reckless most often carries a simple, reliable Mos Ganon III, assembled from the choicest cannibalized parts of several such weapons. He carries spare components with him in case the weapon should be damaged or need cleaning, and with that single model is said to be as capable at maintaining and repairing as the Tower gunsmith.

When distance is required for reconnaissance or observation missions, Bowen carries a Vanguard-issue 13098V 'Incognito' sniper rifle, not especially lethal as far as Guardian weapons go, but modified with an Oracle long-distance scope and sound pickups for spying on enemies of the Last City. This data can be recorded and translated by a Ghost for on-site intelligence or transmitted back to analysts back in the Tower for study.



Acting as a member of the Conduits of Light, Reckless never traveled alone and as such possessed no jumpship of his own, instead hitching a ride aboard those of his teammates when a mission required interplanetary travel. He spared no expense, however, in maintaining his S-33V Sparrow, acquired from a bet on a Crucible match and upgraded personally with an advanced Plasma Drive.