Certech is a non-canon organization, and part of Jayfeattheris Awesome's Dysfunctional Fireteam AU.

During the Collapse, Certech formed to discover ways to fight the Darkness. However, their methods were morally questionable. At some point, they engineered The Disease to kill the Awoken, which, like many during the time the Awoken first emerged, saw the Awoken ad "just as much a plague as the Darkness was."

They also killed Silverhawk's home village, including her parents and brother, Nathan. They kidnapped her because of her hybrid nature, hoping that she would be able to survive the gruesome experiments they had in mind for a living weapon program, known as Project Zero. The process involves exposure to an experimental form of radiation, which kills normal Humans and Awoken, but Silverhawk, because of her hybrid nature, absorbs it.

Previously, before finding Silverhawk, Certech killed possibly hundreds of people trying to find a suitable candidate for the project. Certech