Children of Sol


Late City Age


The Last City
New Monarchy[1]


Political and philosophical


Consensus Member
Crucible Sponsor


At least triple digits.


Alanna Zala

"Then it is decided, with a vote 6 to 4 - hereby the Daughters of Sol is disbanded, and reborn as the Children of Sol."
―Grandmaster Alanna Zala making a historical declaration.

The Children of Sol is the 5th most influential Warlock order in the Last City. It is an active member of the Consensus, and cooperates with New Monarchy to provide champions for the Crucible. In the beginning it was purely an order of female Awoken called the Daughters of Sol, but mere months after the arrival of the newly risen novice Guardian Alanna, winds of change made it eventually possible for Awoken males to join, followed some time afterwards by human women and men, and lastly Exo scholars.


  • During Congregatio[2], the Grandmaster wears ceremonial gauntlets called Sunbreakers.
  • Before the practice was abolished, prospective new members were required to crush a still burning piece of coal with their naked hand unassisted.


  1. the Children of Sol is officially neutral, but it's sort of an open secret they have New Monarchy leanings.
  2. a gathering of the Orders leadership, ten members plus the Grandmaster.

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