Destiny the movie is an upcoming live action film directed by George Lucas.


  • Nathan Fillion as Cayde-6
  • Morgan Freeman as Zavala
  • Emma Watson as Ikora Rey
  • Jason Bateman as Lord Shaxx
  • Kristen Bell as Eris Morn
  • Will Ferrell as Banshee 44
  • Bill Nighy as the Speaker
  • T.J. Miller as Master Rahool
  • Tom Cruise as Xur'
  • Peter Dinklage as Ghost
  • Elizabeth Banks as Amanda Holiday
  • Sam Elliott as Crota
  • William Hurt as Oryx
  • Robert Downey Jr as Skolas
  • Anthony Daniels as Atheon


in the 21st century human life span tripled.This we could not have done this without the traveler but little did we know the traveler had enemy a darkness a darkness so powerful it took over our world millions died but millions took a stand we were not going to let this darkness wipe out humanity so three noble gaurdians step up to stop this darkness from wiping earth off the map. cayde-6,zavala and ikora rey team up to defeat this darkneess and reclaim our world