Scene 1Edit

Zavala: Our world was the greatest it ever was. We were off to build cities beyond until the human life span tripled until the darkness found us. The Fallen, Hive, Vex and the Cabal invaded our world. We had no choice but to run away and hide, but that ends now.

(Cut to Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey. Cayde is chewing popcorn.)

Cayde(chewing popcorn): Hey, big guy. Who ya talkin' to?

Zavala:No one, Cayde.

Cayde: Really? Because it sounded an awful lot like you were talking to someone.

Zavala: I knew I never should've said that out loud...

Cayde: Mmmmm! This popcorn is delicious!

Zavala: Where did you get that?

Cayde: The Speaker over in Tower North is a real good cook.

Zavala: Really?

Cayde: Yeah.

(Speaker enters)

Speaker: Cayde, your chili dip is ready. I have found the greatest formula

Cayde: That would be me.

(cayde exits with the speaker)

Zavala: God, I hate that guy.

Ikora: Everyone does.

Zavala: With the exception of the Speaker.