Falconer overlooking a valley in the midst of winter.

Falconer was a human Guardian of the Last City who eventually left the order and became a protector of the outlying settlement called Pariah, defending it against scavengers, aliens, and occasionally even other Guardians who thought its inhabitants should be brought back into the Last City's fold.


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Falconer was a seasoned hunter and tracker, able to apply his skills to both combat and sport, and the denizens of Pariah were indebted to him for both. But for all his ability on the ground, he harbored a deep-seated loathing for anything to do with flying. Although an adept pilot of his hoverbike, a Pike hovercraft stolen from Fallen troops, he had a fear of true flying and did not even possess his own starship as most Guardians did. His phobia contributed to his decision to devote himself to one region and eventually adopt Pariah as his home, rather than join other roving Guardians which frequently traveled between planets.

He was also very distrustful of the mysterious power granted to Guardians by the Traveller, and was wary of those who used it. Neglecting its use himself almost entirely, Falconer made his way on his sharply-honed mortal abilities, and could prove very resourceful for that focus.

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