"Well, I appreciate the job, Petra; I really do. I think I would have died of boredome in that child's excuse for a lab they had me studying in!"- Faroth

Faroth is an Awoken citizen of the Reef, and an old friend of Petra Venj. He is well-versed in multiple

fields of study, mainly medicine and genetics, though evidence in Fever and other instances suggests he has considerable knowledge of pyrotechnics and explosives, as well as electromagnetism. Petra selected him as her head doctor at the Vestian Outpost, and he has taken extra precautions in order to accommodate the fact a Human Guardian, Rogers, is working with them.

He is a member of the Dysfunctional Fireteam Universe.

Bio Edit

Pre-series Edit

Not much is known about Faroth's life before Fever, aside from the fact he was part of Petra's original recruitment unit during the Reef wars. It is mentioned he is the only member of this unit left alive or in contact with her, and as such, their friendship is strong; he even joined her in her Earthside 'exile' in the Tower after she lost her eye.

Fever Edit

Faroth is first encounter in chapter ten, when Silverhawk has taken him the disease sample to study. A distressed Faroth attempts to reign the Huntress in as she messes with her equipment, and he eventually evicts her from the room, slamming the doors shut behind her as he reveals the true purpose and origins of the disease. He, like all other present, is weirded out and disconcerted by Silverhawk and Martin's displays.

He later sees off the ground party as they prepare to launch their mission on Krakatoa, and he would go on to the Last City, where he would study the sample further and prepare to synthesize a cure. He is not mentioned after this point, but it is assumed he played a heavy part in helping make the cure.

Wolfsbane Edit

Faroth returns in Wolfsbane as Petra's chosen head doctor for the Vestian Outpost. He thoughtfully stocks up on Human blood and Human-oriented medical supplies in anticipation of any injuries befalling Sierra Rogers or any other Humans.

He is worried when the call about Martin comes in, and is not seen until later, when he is treating the young Warlock's shock. He expresses disapproval about Petra bringing Peppermint in for Martin, and is further concerned when Martin begins crying out while unconscious later on. He later treats the injured from the attack, and takes care of Martin when the Warlock is severely injured.

He is last mentioned as yelling at Martin and Variks to tone down and keep quiet after Peppermint steals Martin's last waffle, causing the two to break into laughter.

Trivia Edit

* The name "Faroth" originates from J.R.R. Tolkien's Sindarin dialect of Elfish, the word meaning 'Hunter'.

* It is implied that he and Petra might have been attracted to one another at some point.