House of Night

The house of night is a powerful fallen house led by it's Kell, Morksis. The bulk of it's forces reside on Io, though small forces are encountered on Mars and Europa. Unlike most houses, it has 3 Archons, Tarosis, Makosihs and Lenomis, one functions as an Archon preist, another as an Assassin and the third as a 'Supreme General'. It's Prime Servitor is Tinniks.

The house is well known for it's advancements over other houses, being the only house to possess an Invasion Carrier. It has it's main base, called The Kingdom, in the Scorch Mountains, Io. They also possess a large amount of control over Magma City.



  • Shank - Basic robotic device.
  • War Shank - A larger, more dangerous variant of shank.
  • Honorling - Disgraced and crazed Dregs.
  • Dreg - A basic Dreg.
  • Vandal - A Basic Vandal
  • Captain - A basic Captain.
  • General - A weaker form of Archon.
  • Servitor - A basic servitor.


Gate GuardiansEdit

  • Stealth Guard - A cloaked sword vandal.
  • Stealth Guard Captain - A cloaked Sword Captain.
  • Guard - A shielded Vandal.
  • Guard Captain - A captain wielding a Shock Repeater.
  • The Watcher - A general that commands Gate Guardian forces.

Kell GuardEdit

  • Blade Guard - A sword vandal.
  • Shield Vandal - A Vandal with a large solid shield on one arm.
  • Guard Master - A heavily Armoured vandal wielding a Shock Launcher.
  • Guard Captain - A sword Captain.
  • Twilight Blade Master - A deadly shielded stealth vandal that can teleport.