Juno in full armor.

Juno was an Awoken inhabitant of the Last City who chose at a young age to become a Guardian. Following the honored traditions of their most unified order, Juno trained to become a Titan, capable of wielding the most powerful equipment in the name of defending her home. Though she rarely went beyond the City's walls, her skill and technical prowess were regarded as flawless, if untested, mastery. When at last its inhabitants began to venture out of the Traveler's shadow again, Juno was forced into an unfamiliar and complex world.


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Juno was staunchly devoted to the idea of Guardians as just, almost righteous defenders of the Last City and its people. She lived voluntarily by a code written by the founders of the Seven Seraphs order, and while she was usually sympathetic in its interpretation, she vehemently refused to break it, for whatever reason. The traditions of the Guardians she held in highest regard, making a point of praying daily for the founders of her order whom had died in building the first Wall of the City.

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