"I've punched things to death that were much larger."

Samson-17, or Samson, the Legion-slayer, is an Exo Titan who―inspired by Saint-14's crusade against the Fallen―led a campaign of his own against the Cabal, both on Earth and on Mars.

Samson-17 was best known for thoroughly dismantling the Cabal's Shield Breaker strike force in the Ankaran Outlands and leading an offensive at the Hollows that broke the Bone Crusher legion entirely. Later, he became the adoptive father to Karim Morais―a refugee who, once grown, enlisted with the Forces of the City as a Ranger.

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Samson-17 was initially resurrected by his Ghost, Sylph, from the ruins of the Buried City on Mars approximately 150 years after the start of the City Age.

Due to a technical issue with Sylph's telemetric hardware, the two were stranded in the Martian wastelands for weeks, forced into confrontations with both the Vex and―more frequently―Cabal patrols, whom he came to learn much about in his time there. Samson was eventually located by a Hunter scout by the name of Tala Mori and ferried to the Last City of Earth, where he officially began his tutelage within the Titan ranks.

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