Fireteam Valiant is a fire-team consisting of four members in the year 2714. They became a legend among the Guardians of the Last City in early 2700 after returning from a long semi-successful campaign in Mars.


The team was presented in front of the three Guardian Vanguards for observation of their combat abilities. Upon completion of the tests they were granted the name Valiant and an official fire-team patch and emblem.

Battle of Mars Edit

Battle of the Twilight Gap Edit

The team was sent on a an early suicidal mission to assassinate a Hollow Knight with no support. However, they discovered an unusually large amount of newly constructed deployment bases in the Fallen House, Aeneas sacrificed his life to warn Lord Saladin after their mission was complete. Spearheading Lord Shaxx's counter-attack, Valiant catured a Fallen Ship, chasing a group of high level Fallen officers to Mars. However it is unknown what exactly happened to them after that. In January 2715 their beacon was terminated with still no communication and they were marked K.I.A. and honored as heroes in the Forgiven Hall.

Member compositionEdit


Team leader McKoel Aeneas (Defiance 1) - The Team's leader and only Warlock. KIA; 3 September, 2714. Unconfirmed via Fallen ambush.

Specialist Diames Jahem (Defiance 4) - Heavy weapons specialist, Titan. Killed in Action, 31 July 2712. Confirmed via Knight Strike Team.